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The Time is Now

It’s funny to think about manifesting a dream; especially in mid-life. In many ways, the past several years have been mostly about figuring out how to breathe through endings. The ending of having small children. The ending of a once thriving therapy practice. The ending of certain dreams in exchange for reality. The ending of my faithful, beautiful dog’s enduring life. And with the arrival of Covid-19, the ending of life as we knew it.

There has been so much loss and an abundance of tears, and giant questions that don’t seem to have answers. And yet, when I looked up from crying into the loss, I saw a door was opening, and some amazing friends were peeking through the crack, beckoning for me to come closer…to walk into the next room. So, having nothing to lose, I dusted off the pain, wiped away the grief, flushed the fear, and followed them through the only open door within sight, and followed them into a room I never supposed I would be allowed to relax in. It was dirty, vacant, and full of holes, but it had mountains of potential. And when I inquired about the solid ground under my bare feet, it held my doubt and folded it into a beautiful paper dragonfly which took flight into the blue sky to circle the sun where it burst into flames of hope.

So, with enriched energy, I began. I spackled, and cleaned, and painted, and plotted. The dream became a REAL and the miracle of Sufficiently Twisted Yoga became more than the musings of a weary mind.

The unfolding of this dream is a bit of magic. It’s the long awaited love child of trust, four decades of curiosity and practice, and of depthful study, fertilized by the gift of a beautiful space and the unfettered love of those who believe in me on a level that truly humbles me. With all my heart, I am so excited to share all that I have gathered in 47 years, and with the opening of our beautiful studio space, I cannot wait to share Sufficiently Twisted Yoga with you!

in health, in joy, in peace. Sara

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