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Pandemic Responsibility

After working overtime 74 hours a week at our local hospital for the past month, I can tell you first hand that Covid-19 cases are at an all time high. Our local hospitals are suffering under a load that was entirely preventable. In the break rooms of our wing, doctors and nurses bemoan the apathy that has created a covid boom that is leaving the unvaccinated at risk of leaving our hospital's best efforts shrouded in a body bag. Are vaccinated people getting sick? Yes. Are they dying? No.

A year ago, my intimate circle was looking forward to the administration of a safe vaccine so that we could all get back to life as we knew it before. Playdates, yoga classes, acro yoga fun, concerts, plays, the ability to go out without a know, LIFE. Having a LIFE. But, here we are, a year later, and unfortunately, even though we have a safe vaccine, there are too many people who are still unable to be vaccinated, or who are choosing to remain vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19 in spite of the vaccines proven efficacy. I have a lot of compassion for those who are in our vulnerable populations. Especially children under the age of 12 and immunocompromised individuals. I also understand vaccine hesitancy. It's important to be able to feel safe.

We all want to feel safe. That is why I have chosen to be vaccinated. I want to get back to life, keep my family and friends safe, and put an end to a deadly pandemic that has dwarfed heart disease as the leading cause of death in our country.

As a responsible business owner, I recognize that the spread of covid is directly related to group transmission. This is why I have reduced all group class sizes to no more than 6, and have slashed private yoga class prices from $125 a session to only $30 a session. I won't make enough money to make ends meet with a deal like that, but what I will feel good about is making sure that my students are SAFE, that they are boosting their mood, their immune system, and their strength without risking that they will contract covid from others, or pass it on to someone in a vulnerable position. Private classes have traditionally been out of reach for the many, but while covid is rampant, I am going to keep these incredibly low prices within your grasp. Please, take advantage of these offerings. You can bring up to one other person with you for the same price. If you have a group (family, designated pod) that you feel safe practicing with, utilize our discounted pod classes, or plan to fill the group classes with your group of 6. All public group classes have been limited to six participants until further notice, in order to keep participants socially distanced within the studio. Mask will be required for your safety and the safety of others.

These precautions are made in order to make sure our community has a safe place to practice in person, because I know we're ALL sick of Zoom yoga. It just isn't the same! Come to the beautiful space that Sufficiently Twisted Yoga has created, and beat the isolated agoraphobia that the pandemic has created out of necessity. Let me support your practice and your well being. Your safe space is waiting. Sign up online one day in advance to hold your space. No drops ins will be accepted for private one on one classes out of consideration for instructors time.

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