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Grand Opening Celebration

What a beautiful evening we had here in Missoula, Montana! Sufficiently Twisted opened on August 13, 2021 at 6pm with a full class full of smiling faces, ready to dive onto their mats, and deep into their practice. I'm so honored to have been given the opportunity to provide such a beautiful space to our community, and I'm hopeful that classes will feel open, strong, and positive to all who walk through the door. A HUGE shout out of gratitude to Steve Rosbarsky of Missoula Taekwondo for encouraging me to transform his extra space into a viable yoga studio and for making himself present and handy in laying the floors, rigging up the sound system, and being a general all around smiling face no matter what the day's challenge presented. Thank you, made the A list for humanity in my book. If you build it, they will come! An additional thanks to the beautiful Allison Squillante for her belief in my ability and her ongoing support, enduring friendship and love, and to Brian Batey of Inner Harmony Yoga for being such a precious mentor over the years. All my love to my children, their partners and friends, and to my partner in life for ongoing patience when long hours kept me at work and in the studio preparing for this next step. To every smile, and every hug, and every tear wiped friends and loved ones have all been instrumental in what it takes to open the doors for a viable venture, and I am overcome by the support and grace I have been given in that regard. Thank you, thank you.

I hope you will find your way to Sufficiently Twisted Yoga. Know that when you do, you will find a smile and will come to understand that there's no place like hOMe




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